Have you ever know of '' Jewelry ''word it means "bronze casting" in the dialect of Çağatay and that the word "goldsmith" refers to ornamental works made by melting and shining metals like fire and silver, and the goldsmith is the name given to the art of manufacturing precious metal and stone and ornamental items.

Have you ever know the chemical symbol of gold Au, is a word in Latin meaning "dawn" came from "Aurum"?

Gold purity is generally expressed in three different systems in the world and is based on ounces.

Do you know that 1ons is about 31.1 gr?

Do you know that the temperature required for the melting of gold is 1063 C?

Do you know that silver is mostly produced in USA (Arizona, Utah, Colorado), Canada, Russia, Peru and South Africa, and in our country in Kütahya, Gümüşköy, Aktepe?

Do you know that diamonds are the hardest known minerals in the world, the word "adamas", which is a Greek term and can not be ruled out?

Do you know that each diamond is unique and that no diamond is the same as the other?

Do you know that the soil must be stripped to fill a house so that a single diamond can be found?

Do you know that Diamond is the name given to the 57 faceted cuts of diamonds?

Do you know that less than 5% of the diamonds that are made into jewels are larger than 1 carat?

Do you know that the youngest diamond is 900 million years old, the oldest is 3.2 billion years old, each diamond is unique?

Do you know for the first time that Venetian Vincenzo Peruzzi made 57/58 faceted diamond sculptures at the end of the 16th century?

Do you know that the meaning of carat, the unit of measure of the diamond, comes from the seeds of the carob tree, and that it is a standard unit of measure used to measure the weight of precious stones?

Do you know that the first emeralds were obtained and processed in Upper Egypt in 650 BC?

Do you know that the first gold coin officially published was beaten by Anatolian King Lydia Croisus (Karun)?

Do you know that the world's first closed shopping center is the Grand Bazaar, founded in 1467?

Do you know that the tradition of wearing a diamond ring on the fourth finger of the left hand came from the ancient Egyptians?

Do you know that a gold bull weighs about 10 gr can beat up to an area of ​​11m² to cover the width to cover?

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